30. apríla 2018

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Discover Emerging Markets Investment Opportunities

Emerging Markets (EMs) influence people all around the world. Their products are now a part of our everyday life. Uncover EM opportunities with Franklin Templeton Investments.

The Case for Active Risk Management

This brochure presents five reasons why active risk management is crucial for investor outcomes.

Emerging Markets are at the Forefront of a Changing World

Latest perspective from Templeton Emerging Markets Group addressing core themes of technology and consumer remain, with new sub-themes identified: e-commerce, new mobility vehicles, fintech, penetration, “premiumization” and health care.

Actively Benefiting from Emerging-Market (EM) Small Caps

Latest perspective from Templeton Emerging Markets Group addressing some common misconceptions surrounding EM small caps, as well as opportunities available for active investors and the role of active management.

A Differentiated Approach to ESG Investing

This paper outlines what Environmental, Social and Governance is, our ESG methodology and how ESG is incorporated into our overall investment model.

Templeton Global Fixed Income Report

Latest perspective from Templeton Global Macro on developments during the quarter, description of fund performance, country and sector updates and an outlook.

What Franklin Templeton Thinks

This flyer highlights Franklin Templeton Investments‘ views on the most compelling investment themes from all over the world.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) notice

You may be aware of the ‘European Union General Data Protection Regulation’ (EU GDPR), a new EU Data Protection Framework which will replace the current European Directive as of May 25th 2018. EU GDPR will fundamentally change the way companies capture, process and store personal information. As part of Franklin Templeton’s enterprise-wide EU GDPR initiative, please see link to our updated Privacy & Cookie Notice which will be available as of 25th May 2018. This information will also be shared with our Investors and Business partners.

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